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Unpopular Culture

What are some of your favorite roles that you've played or what are some of your favorite types of genres to act in?

INM: I wanna do it all. I went to school for classical theater, I'd like to do that at some point. It's just very different now getting into theater on a level in which you can provide for yourself. When I first started getting work here it was mostly comedy. I did House of Lies and some Funny or Die stuff. I was Netflix’s spokeswoman last year and that was comedy. I like ingenue type of things just because I don't think you get to see Black women like that a lot. 

Conversations With Girls

What are some of your aspirations? 

My top aspiration is to at all times be inspiring women who look like me and may have had similar experiences through my artistry. Other than that…I want to be creating at my highest level as much as possible for as long as possible.

Blk Creatives

How did you decide to make the commitment to your Creative mission? 

I really didn’t have a choice. I’ve never had a plan b. For me there was no other life than that of a creative. I’ve always known what my purpose is and I have chased after it nonstop since the age of 8. The commitment started in grade school when I would at rehearsals instead of playing after school, in high school when I spent nights creating sketch comedy shows instead of doing the usual teenage partying and continued into college — I never even attend a football or basketball game at my top 10 university because that meant missing acting classes.

My Creative Connection

A talented actress who is a self-proclaimed cross of Ruby Dee meets Liz Taylor, Iman N. Milner is taking the idea of “well-rounded actress to the next level”.  Born to Ron Milner, playwright and one of the only African American men to have two plays on Broadway and Judy Milner, a principle dancer at the world renowned Alvin Ailey Dance Theate, it’s safe to say she was destined for the stage.