No, Trump Supporters Don't Deserve My Sympathy: A Rebuke

So we're a little over 100 days into this mess of a Presidency. Shady legislation laced with lies and punctuated by grammatically incorrect tweets abound. Religious and cultural groups are being targeted. Maxine Waters has emerged as the superhero we all need. Ivanka Trump is being lauded as a feminist hero (*fights the air*). And finally, the GOP has been 1/3 of the way successful in repealing ACA with nothing to replace it, leaving millions of Americans without healthcare. 

And now, Trump supporters are looking for sympathy. Bish...where?!

You voted for a man who ran his campaign on the promise of bringing America back to a time where my people were sprayed with fire hoses, spat upon, feathered, tarred, lynched and burned. You voted for a man who said he could look in the eyes of innocent children and deny them safety and protection from war-torn countries. You voted for a man who stands beside a man who believes that gay people can be electro-shocked into "straightness". You voted for a man with friends who believe that Black and Brown men should be stopped on the streets because they're "more likely to commit a crime" and "look more suspicious". You voted for a man who believes consent is just a word as long as you're a man with power. You voted for a man who finds his own daughter sexually attractive. You voted for a liar. A fraud. A misogynist. A racist. A homophobe. A man who lights a fire under islamophobia. A man who hates the poor. A man who mocks the disabled. An elitist asshole. A reality TV star. And now. Now that you stand to lose something---everything---with those of us who spent the last year being verbally abused by the man who is spending our tax dollars on weekend excursions, you want our sympathy? 

I'll pass. 

Because here are some things we wanted you to consider before you realized that it wasn't just us who would be affected. We wanted you to care about Black men, women and children being murdered in the streets by state officials. We wanted you to care about Brown families being torn apart by ICE. We wanted you to care about LGBTQ people being attacked and murdered. We wanted you to care that Planned Parenthood provides lower income and at-risk women with more than just abortions. We wanted you to care that an overwhelming number of students are leaving college with insurmountable debt that keeps them from having financial freedom in adulthood. Hell, we just wanted you to care. And you didn't. You stood on "moral" and "religious" indoctrination and voted against humanity. 

Well, we don't want in on your heaven nor do we pray to the God who told you that a hate monger was the person to lead this country. We are not all in this together, Trump supporter.

No, you're on your own. 


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