What's A Tribe?

Tribe is…tear-drying, soul-recognizing, dream-supporting, “he’s not good enough for you girl”-ing, late-night-inspiration-calling, skin and hair secret-sharing, glass of wine-drinking, laugh until tears come-ing irreplaceable. Tribe is that feeling you get when you know one of your girls needs a small token to remind her of her magic. Tribe is always having someone to remind you of yours.  Tribe is not talking everyday but picking up right where you left off. Tribe is constant…like change or the sun’s daily rotation around the moon. Tribe is “what do you need?” and “I got you”. Tribe is “you tried it” and “I forgive you”. Tribe is “take care of yourself” and “you alright, sis?”. Tribe is “I’m proud of you” and “keep going”. Tribe is showing up and being shown up for. Tribe is that high-pitched “ayyyyyy” when you’re out dancing after a rough week. Tribe is light in darkness. Tribe is strength in weakness. Tribe is affirming. Tribe is God reminding us that we don’t have to journey alone. Tribe is the physical manifestation of his grace, mercy and perfect plan for your life. Tribe is his carrying you through the hard times. Tribe is a savior.


 You need a tribe.  I need a tribe. 

Iman MilnerComment