Hello + Why A New Site?

Hey guys!

If you're on this site it must be because you follow my acting or writing. Either way, thank you for being here! My goal with this new home for all of my work is to give you easier access to all of the things I have going on---and all of the things that are to come. I've also included a blog portion because I think it's high time that people are able to come to a site with my name to read my work. Don't worry Perfection Is A Myth is not going away. And from time to time, I'll be posting on Medium as well. However, this new site will be where to come to find all things Iman N. Milner--acting, writing, new projects, books and merchandise! I hope you enjoy it. If you want to join my newsletter to keep up with me without having to come here to check everyday---subscribe below! 


Thank you all for your continued support of all my endeavors. I hope to make you all proud!

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