I Feel Stuck

So, it's the start of the new year and everyone is busying themselves with alterations that should make 2017 their year. Gym photos abound. It's acting award season. Engagements and baby announcements are everywhere. Everyone seems to be either living or building their dream lives and I. Feel. Stuck. Not stuck in the sense of not progressing...because I know, deep down, that I am. But stuck between wanting the dream that others think I am capable of having and wanting what's pictured above: serenity and the freedom to go wherever I want whenever I want...to just be. To take a four hour hike in the middle of my day, strip down to nakedness and stare out into the ocean until I get some answers. But are answers what I really want? Will they ease my mind? Because once the universe answers your questions...there is still work to be done. There is still that thing called time that must have its natural just due.

So...what do you do when you feel stuck? 

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Iman MilnerComment